Chief Officers 2019
Chief of Department: Scott Flynn 

1st Asst. Chief: David Rosante
2nd Asst. Chief: Ted Jankowski  

Appointed Line Officers 2017

Safety Officer Ex-Chief Robert Holley
Sr. Captain Sean McDermott Engine 7-6-2 /  7-6-11
Captain Paul Sulzinski,Jr. Tower Ladder 7-6-11 / 7-6-2
Captain Thomas Mendenhall Fire Police
Captain Brush Truck 7-6-12
Captain  Faith Erwin Rescue Company 7-6-16 / 17 and Marine Unit
Captain Engine 7-6-2
 Engine 7-6-5 / 7-6-8
Lieutenant Rescue Company 7-6-16 / 17 and the Marine unit
Lieutenant Rescue Company 7-6-16 / 17
Lieutenant Kevin Rousell Engine 7-6-2 / 7-6-11
Lieutenant Ken Rousell Rescue Truck 7-6-7
Lieutenant Randy Kracke Brush Truck 7-6-12
Lieutenant Keith Phillips Engine 7-6-5 / 7-6-8

Department Board of Directors 2017

President Faith Erwin
Vice President Robert Depress 
Treasurer Arthur Little
Correspondence Secretary William Potter III
Recording Secretary Denise Flynn
Sergeant at Arms Randy Kracke
Member from the Floor
Member from the Floor Anthony Danowski
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